Instant teeth whitening

Do you hesitate to smile because you feel your teeth are yellowish or have dark stains on them?
Now introducing instant teeth whitening , a one hour procedure wherein you can get a dazzling and sparkling white teeth. It is a very simple procedure wherein our experts perform the procedure using bleaching agents such as peroxides at required concentrations to achieve desired results. Get that confident looking smile in a matter of just 60 minutes.

Advantages of instant whitening

  • Very safe
  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting results (approximately 1-2 yrs)
  • Very simple 60 min procedure
  • Guaranteed results

Advantages of instant teeth whitening over Home bleaching procedures

Instant teeth whitening   Home bleaching procedure
Whiter and bright looking teeth in just 60 min.   Takes 1-2 weeks for the procedure.
Teeth look more brighter as higher conc. of gels are used.   Relatively lower conc of gels ere used.
Procedure done under supervision of dentist.   Daily applications to be done by patient.
Result are appreciated instantly.   Results are very gradually seen.

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