Routine Dental Extractions

All dental extractions are done under strict sterilization protocols so as to maintain high standards of Hygiene. Extractions are only advised wherein chances of conserving or preserving the tooth are diminished.

Post Extraction Instructions / Surgical impactions

  1. Do not disturb the wound : Keep the cotton pack for an hour. Be sure to chew form the opposite side for next 24 hrs. Apply cold packs on the exterior side of face on the affected side for 15 mins during the first 12 hrs.

  2. Spitting and Gargling : Avoid spitting and rinsing for 24hrs post extraction. Warm salt water gargles or antiseptic rinses are to be used after 24 hrs.

  3. Pain : Some discomfort after tooth extraction is normal. You may take analgesics (painkillers) and antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.

  4. Diet : It is very important to drink plenty of fluids. Cold and soft foods like icecream and yogurts may be comfortable food for first 24 hrs. You can slowly switch over to routine foods after that.

  5. Brushing : Do not brush teeth for first 8 hrs post extraction. After that you may use a soft brush to gently clean your teeth, avoid the area of extraction.

  6. Do not Smoke : Smoking is to be avoided for at least 24 hrs post extractions it may interfere with the blood supply of healing tissues thus may delay wound healing.

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