Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment involves correction of malaligned (crooked) teeth.
Most common problems which require orthodontic treatment are:

  • Protruding anterior teeth.
  • Malaligned or crooked teeth.
  • Crowding of teeth.
  • Spacing in between teeth.
  • Irregularities of jaws and face. etc...
Crowded and crooked teeth are very difficuilt to clean and maintain, thus they become sources for accumulation of bacteria. Orthodontic treatment helps in realigning the teeth and increases cleaning efficiency thus preventing tooth decay and restores function.

There are different varieties of braces:

Ceramic Orthodontic Braces

They are fixed, translucent, and blend with the color of your teeth. They thus look much better as compared to conventional metal braces. Cosmetically they are more pleasing and thus are preferred by many as a choice of treatment.

Lingual Or Invisible Braces

Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth thus are invisible to others. These braces are usually made of metal but the major advantage is they are not seen at all.

Metal Orthodontic Braces

are conventional stainless steel braces , sometimes in combination with titanium. They are one of the most widely used braces.

INVISALIGN (Orthodontic treatment without Braces)

Invisalign is one of the latest treatment modality in the field of Orthodontics. Muskaan dental speciality clinic offers Orthodontic treatment without braces in the form of invisalign. Our clinic has INVISALIGN AND INCOGNITO CERTIFIED Orthodontists who carry out these procedures. It is the form of orthodontic treatment in which custom made series of aligners are created so as to achieve the required correction. These trays are made of soft and smooth plastic which are transparent and very comfortable to wear. These aligners gradually shift your teeth based on orthodontic movements planned by your orthodontist. These aligners are to be changed every two weeks until treatment is complete. Thus no wires, no metal brackets and thus no inconvenience.

Advantages of Invisalign :

  • The Aligners are transparent, thus no one knows that you are undergoing straightening of teeth.
  • There are no wires or metal brackets so smoother edges thus no tissue irritation.
  • They are removable thus can be removed while brushing or eating.
  • Spacing in between teeth.
  • Very effective mode of treatment, thus treatment can be completed in shorter span of time.

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